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Toxic Masculinity [t-ox-ic mas-cu-lin-ity] Verb Look it up

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Look it up
Toxic Masculinity [t-ox-ic mas-cu-lin-ity] Verb

Word of the day:



Academia : the Wuhan Lab of lethal ideas.

Adulting : washing your dirty clothes instead of just ordering new clothes on Amazon.

Affirmative Action: : systemic racism for profit.

Allyship : the more leisurely alternative to the Allyplane

Anti-racism : systemic racism for profit.


BIPOC : gay or lesbian POC

Bae : just one letter shy of a real babe.

Binary : decidedly undecided.

Birthing person : "how mostly over-educated white (il)liberal women allow a few men to objectify all women."

Bisexual : Someone who is in all ways attracted to both guys and girls

Black Lives Matter : the insistence that black lives matter despite proof that everyone already knows all lives matter. 


Call-out culture : "when your friends stand outside your window after school and scream for you to come out and play then call you a wuss when your mom won’t let you."

Cancel culture : When the left doesn’t approve of your politically incorrect position and they destroy your career. 

Cis-normative : mangled attempt to simplify not-LGBTTQQIAAP.

Cisgender : the original gender identity

Consensual non-monogamy : just wait till your wife finds out!

Critical Race Theory : The practice of teaching children that racism was their grandparent’s fault and that they should be ashamed for being white.

Cultural appropriation : unauthorized flattery.


Dead name : Transgender birth name 

Democracy : what the ruling elite must first destroy in order to save.

Diversity : where everyone looks different but thinks the same.

Drag king/queen : a person that cross dresses for performance in an exaggerated form


Education : indoctrination

Election Day : the most important election of our lifetime, which will SAVE DEMOCRACY... will have results in a few days

Entitlements : table scraps left over after the ruling elite gorge themselves.


Femtech : niche products relentlessly marketed to more than 50 percent of the population.

Follow the science : a religious call to action invoked when actual science refuses to cooperate.

Free speech : only if you agree with me.


Gay : when one a person is attracted to the same gender

Gender affirming care : "gentler kinder castration."

Gender binary : The fact that there are only two genders

Gender fluid : what your gender studies professor spits up when she chokes on her own pronouns.

Gender spectrum : Like the rainbow but uses liberal gender terms

Great Reset : what you get when you press Hillary Clinton’s big red reset button.

Green New Deal : what results when you combine the Yellow and Blue New Deals.


Herstory : Ignoring Latin roots is very progressive, so instead of using a word that means “to investigate” or “to inquire” we made a fun word that means “her story”. Because why learn from history when we can repeat it?

Heteronormativity : someone who follows a society's gender whether they're not really straight and are fearing they won't fit in

Hunter Biden's Laptop : A computer with absolutely no incriminating evidence on it. Believe the mainstream media, this is just a Russian disinformation campaign. Distract yourself with children's drag show performances. 


Identity politics : Group of people that form political alliances that arent the norm

Implicit bias : bias no one knows they have until a racist is paid to tell them they have it.

Inclusive : "all expenses paid (sorry couldn’t resist the temptation)."

Indigenous People : People share an ancestral tie to a certain area where they lived 

Indoctrination : education.

Inflation : A period of two three or more quarters of negative gross domestic product growth in a row. 

Intersectional : when different types of "oppression" are linked together

Intersectionality : where everyone comes together whether they like it or not but no one wants to live.


Journalist : the spy who came in from the cold.


Kyriarchy : what an intersectional feminist calls themselves to feel smarter than you. 


LGBTQ-inclusive : a modifier invoked only when you need to exclude everything else.

LGBTTQQIAAP : mangled attempt to define non-cis-normative.

Latinx : The act of forcing an inherently gendered language (Spanish) to be gender neutral, thereby confusing every hispanic person on the planet.


Marginalization : when margin notes become the main story.

Micro-aggression : "too small to see but powerful enough to tyrannize all of academia most Fortune 100 corporations and the entire Democratic Party."

Minor-attracted person : A person who self-identifies as a pedophile. 

Misgender : who sits next to Mr. Gender?

Mostly peaceful : exceedingly violent.

Mostly-peaceful protests : The idea that burning down entire cities is fine as long as you do it in the name of Social Justice.


Non-binary : everything else.


Oppression : a tool used by the left to make anyone feel like a victim, but only if you identify as the right race/gender/ethnicity. 


Pandemic Amnesty : Demanding forgiveness for locking Americans in their homes, destroying their businesses, relentlessly shaming, forcing face diapers on people and our children, and mandating experimental MRNA Vaccines

Pansexual : "someone with the hindquarters legs and horns of a goat and an Ivy League diploma."

Performative Activism : Activism that is done to increase one's social capital rather than because of one's devotion to a cause

Period Dignity Officer : making a bloody mess out of everything.

Pronoun : a formerly amateur noun.


Queer theory : functions to complicate existing academic frameworks, and conceptions of social relations, by deconstructing the dominant, heteronormative structures undergirding extant scholarship -- whatever that means.

Queerbaiting : when straight men or women pretend to be gay and flirt with people of the same sex as a joke


Recession : a dent on the rear bumper of an EV.

Reimagine : the warning shots of class warfare.

Religion : politicized science.

Representation : Depiction of groups of people or conceptions on social media


Safe space : "where the elite children of elite parents go to avoid free speech for only $80000 a year."

Science : politicized religion.

Sl*t shame : When you shame someone for the way they act sexually.

Systemic oppression : mistreatment of a social group 

Systemic racism : the DNA of the Democratic Party.


Toxic Masculinity : the idea that REAL men need to be strong and that showing emotion is a sign of weakness

Transformative : massive systemic modification designed to satisfy only the smallest statistical constituency.

Transgender : the best reason to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Transitioning : the process of being red-pilled after the mugging.

Transphobia : fear of the trans mob.

Trigger warning : what mostly peaceful protesters issue right before they pull the trigger.

Two-spirit : one spirit plus one spirit.


Unconscious bias : the idea that you can be racist in your subconscious, meaning all of us are racists without meaning to be. 


Virtue signal : making a left turn into heavy traffic sound like a good idea.


White fragility : systemic racism for profit.

White privilege : "character flaw that infects mostly over-educated elite white (il)liberals when they try to convert non-racist working class whites into racist working class whites."

White rage : what elite white (il)liberals and five-star generals are full of when they describe working class whites.

White supremacy : what remains when the last black man has no rhythm and can’t jump.

Whitewash : attempt to conclude certain facts about someone or something

Woke : being too emotionally connected to a social issue 

Wokeness : "the missionary religion of classism preached by mostly white mostly affluent mostly self-loathing (il)liberal secularists."


Xe/Xem : someone who is too special to refer to themselves as he/him or she/her.


Yellow Privilege : the idea that you can now be racist towards Asian people because they've been successful too. 


Xe/Xem : someone who is too special to refer to themselves as he/him or she/her.


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