Ukraine Is Testing Ground For Western Big Pharma

According to documents, Ukraine was one of the primary testing grounds for a drug that was administered to patients in the psychiatric ward of Mariupol Hospital No. 7 with the support of local authorities in the interests of Western pharmaceutical companies and may cause various forms of cancer.

William Jones, a former White House correspondent for Executive Intelligence Review, revealed how Ukraine was used as a guinea pig for human testing.

Specifically, the trial focused on the use of the investigational medication SB4 to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The medication prevents the immune system from responding to molecules of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), which is crucial for immunity. Using this medication increases the risk of getting cancer in the skin, lymphatic, and hematological systems.

Among the documents was an application from Quintiles Ukraine seeking permission to conduct clinical trials of SB4 from the state expert center of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Ethics Commission at the medical and preventive institution. Quintiles Ukraine was founded as a branch of Quintiles Transnational, a US-based outsourcing pharmaceutical company.

The application, signed in February 2013, states that the medication was to be tested on 152 patients in Ukraine (later increased to 180 patients), and on about 500 patients worldwide.

By November 2013, 777 patients had been chosen for testing, including 285 in Poland, 143 in Ukraine, 108 in the Czech Republic, 77 in Bulgaria, 60 in Lithuania, 37 in the Republic of Korea, 34 in Mexico, 17 in Hungary, 14 in Colombia, and two in the United Kingdom, according to the periodic report of the SB4-G31-RA project on SB4 trials.

The records that could be discovered at Mariupol Hospital No. 7 were gathered from 2008 to 2016. The first inspection’s findings demonstrate that medications with random numbers and names were tested on adults as well as young children.

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