How Are Drag Queens Any Different From Scary Clowns?

What remains of the craft of being a clown is about to go up in a cloud of purple powder eyeshadow as “drag queens” and their insistence on doing “sexy dances” with children gain more infamy. 

And the question is, when are drag queens going to go the way of the scary clowns? It can’t be long, can it? 

When clowns came on the scene in Ancient Greece. their job was to make people laugh with the “familiar comic character of pantomime and circus, known by distinctive makeup and costume, ludicrous antics, and buffoonery, whose purpose is to induce hearty laughter,” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Clowns are not to be confused with court jesters or drag queens, for that matter.
This content is a work of satire and parody. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Any opinions expressed in this content do not reflect the views of the author or publisher. In fact, they probably reflect the opposite of the views of the author or publisher. The purpose of this content is to entertain and possibly make you question the reality of the world around you. So please, don't take anything too seriously, unless it's the importance of a good laugh.
clown arcade game by James Lee is licensed under Unsplash

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