ASU Students Earn College Credit for Helping Illegal Immigrants at Charity Accused of Aiding Border Crossings

Students at Arizona State University (ASU) have the ability to enroll in a program that allows them to provide support services to illegal immigrants serviced by a Catholic Charities organization in exchange for school credit.

A university website reveals that any student enrolled in an ASU Health Sciences program and some students from the ASU School of Social Work are eligible to “provide aid to migrants looking for a better life” at Casa Alitas in what the university calls the MILAGRO Collaborative.

While the university claims the initiative began “as a group of faculty members volunteering individually to help with the influx of migrants,” it explains the program “evolved” into “a course for students across the Health Sciences.”

The ASU student participation in Casa Alitas was profiled by 13 News on Monday, when the outlet reported students “directly provide care and support” to illegal immigrants while teaching prospective healthcare professionals “how to help underserved communities.”

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