Preachy "Kayaking Karen" gets the best "instant karma" you'll ever see

James Carville, a seasoned Democrat operative, has spent his career maneuvering crooked globalists into significant positions of power. Yet, even someone as controversial as this little weasel hits the nail on the head now and then. Recently, he did just that, and quite spectacularly, by spotlighting the issue with “preachy females” on the left. He pointed out how their incessant nagging, hen-pecking, and screeching about woke ideologies are tearing the Democrat Party apart.

Every so often, it seems, even the likes of Carville can offer a piercing insight into the pitfalls of his wretched party and the current state of hysterical, nasty females who think irritating nagging somehow makes them a “girl boss.”

It’s quite satisfying to see these professional female “preachers,” who have a habit of dictating how everyone else should live, act, and speak, finally receiving the spotlight they truly deserve. There’s a special kind of pleasure in witnessing a “Karen” encounter some instant karma. That’s exactly what unfolded for a kayaking Karen who decided to hassle a family enjoying their time on a lake in Australia. The moment she attempted to douse the family with water using her paddle, she found herself taking an unexpected dunk in the lake. It was as though karma itself intervened to say, “Enough, shut up.” For that bit of poetic justice, we’re all forever grateful.

Here’s what Collin Rugg, founder of Trending Politics, had to say about the left-wing female preacher:

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