One popular X account believes this damning new clip is a sure sign Joe will be replaced at the convention

Americans see Joe Biden’s incredible cognitive decline, which now seems to be accelerating at warp speed, and they understandably suspect the Dems are scheming behind the scenes to replace him. People think that’s why they’re not panicking over his horrendous polling numbers; the truth is, they actually are panicking. But we get it; it makes sense why clear-headed folks would think this way. But for the Democrats, it’s not quite that simple. Our system isn’t designed for easy candidate swaps, even if he’s got mush for brains. Joe Biden, as flawed as he is, has his claws sunk deep into the Democratic Party, and sidelining him now, especially post-primary, is a monumental task.

Even so, well-informed voices believe Joe will be ousted at the convention. They can’t fathom the Democrats sticking with this bewildered zombie. We understand their reasoning. Take Eric Matheny, a lawyer and popular podcaster, who, after seeing a recent damning clip of Biden at the G7, expressed his astonishment—again, we agree—that it’s shocking that anyone would consider running this man for dogcatcher, let alone president of the most powerful country in the world. Eric’s right—the footage of a visibly confused Biden, treated like a frail old granddad by those around him, is shocking. But is it enough to push him out? Revolver has delved deep into this theory, and the answer is likely not.

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