Alec Baldwin denies rumors that he fired missile into Poland

Los Angeles, CA - Following multiple reports that a missile had been fired into Nato member state Poland, actor Alec Baldwin categorically denied the rumors that he was the one who pulled the trigger. “Look, I know I have a history of firearms misuse on set, but that Poland business has nothing to do with me.” 

The Hollywood Foreign Press was quick to defend the actor against reports that he had mishandled a missile launcher prior to the incident that killed two Polish citizens. “I want to emphasize that Mr. Baldwin in no way thought that the controls for the missile launcher were a toy,” said the spokesperson for the film Baldwin was working on. 

Baldwin was seen dawning a disguise with fake glasses and a mustache before returning to his trailer after his press conference. “This is just my… going out to lunch disguise - I mean, I’ll be right back,” said the Hollywood celebrity before slipping into his trailer.

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Missile by Taylor Peake is licensed under Unsplash

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