Study Confirms Covid Shots Caused Spikes in VAIDS, Cancer

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  • Source: Slay News
  • 03/07/2024

Researchers have published the results from a troubling new study that confirms Covid mRNA shots are responsible for spikes in serious and potentially fatal health issues.

The groundbreaking study found direct links between the injections and cases of vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS), various types of cancer, heart failure, and brain disorders.

The study’s paper was reported by Thailand’s leading English-language corporate media outlet, the Bangkok Post.

The researchers found that people who receive multiple Covid injections, i.e., a double dose of mRNA shots from Pfizer-BioNTech followed by a “booster,” can cause all sorts of health horrors to manifest, potentially resulting in sudden and early death.

Despite the study being ignored by global corporate media outlets, the Bangkok Post has published the report for its roughly 16.7 million readers.

The newspaper has deep mainstream media ties and teamed up with the New York Times in 2021 to produce a supplement.

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